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Description Logic Programs (DLPs) - roughly speaking - are ontological knowledge bases which lie within the intersection of OWL and Logic Programming. They could be described as a naive Horn fragment of OWL DL. As such they provide a formal link between different ontology representation paradigms, and serve multiple purposes in theoretical research and practical applications. They are also a fragment of the more expressive Horn-SHIQ, which is more powerful but follows similar intuitions.

DLP is part of the forthcoming OWL 2 standard, under the name OWL RL. It is supported by KAON2. A simple command line interface for DLP, e.g. for conversion into Prolog syntax, is provided as the KAON2 OWL Tool dlpconvert.


Main Literature References

Further Literature

  • Harold Boley, Jos de Bruijn, Dieter Fensel, Pascal Hitzler, Michael Kifer, Reto Krummenacher, Holger Lausen, Axel Polleres, Rudi Studer, Web Rule Language (WRL). W3C Member Submission, 09 September 2005.


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